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Since class winding down, I wanted to post a documentary which I think is really good about the sneaker culture. It talks about the sneaker heads and how people go about searching for that perfect pair. It has a lot of information given by hip-hop artist, graffiti artist and also just big name sneaker heads. For some it is more than an obsession and in this documentary you meet someone that keeps searching for the perfect pair of kicks. Some people in this are true true sneaker heads. While I also like sneakers and the art behind them, I don’t compare to these people, at least not right now money is tight haha. Yet maybe one day I will be a collector of $500-$1000 sneakers one day who knows.

If you haven’t seen my last post here is the link “Sneaker Music” the video I made with to things I love sneakers and music. Check it out

Sorry but I was thinking about what to do with my obsession, which are sneakers and music. So I decided to make a video using sneakers and music. Sneakers are art like my blog shows, but it can also go with the moment. One can say “I wore these sneakers when this happened” for example. Sneakers can tell a story and this is what I tried to do with sneakers and music.

It was hard coming up with which songs to use, because I had to be able to use sneakers and have them go with the music. Hopefully it came out well.

Here are the songs with links to the whole song

Musiq Soulchild- So Beautiful

Wiz Kahlifa- Black and Yellow

Kanye West- All of the Lights

It’s hard for me to pick one thing I am obsessed about. I like many things, but not sure if I am really obsessed about them. I really like soccer, the Simpsons, playing Halo and Fifa on my xbox 360. Of course I like sneakers and wished I had alot more cash laying aroud to buy some more pairs, but obessessed I don’t know. I guess it might have to be music I guess I always got my i-pod on me and while walking on campus I got my ear buds in. Music, Hip-Hop/Rap Reggae and Latin music like Bachata, Salsa and some reggaton (older reggaton songs preferably). I’m always looking for new songs and downloading artist mixtapes on there drops. I got what is on the radio, but the radio straight sucks sometimes, there is alot of artist that don’t get play on the radio that lyrically are amazing. I have a dj mix program on my desktop at back home, I don’t think I’m very good at it but I like just playing around with it. Music just has much meaning, and there is a song for every emotion your feeling. Going to concerts and listening to live music is also amazing, I was at the spirit festival this summer and there was so much people just jamming to the music amazing, and recently I was at the National in Richmond watching Rebelution, and in Oct. I saw Lupe in DC, so I do spend on concerts which I think its worth it. Music I guess is what I am obsessed with, not playing music but just listing and of course going to concerts………………If I had to pick a Genre of music though it would have to be Hip-Hip/Rap cause some of the rhymes some artist put out are straight poems, or just tell amazing stories, but don’t get me wrong I do like the party joints like No Hands by Waka Ft. Wale and Roscoe Dash

War By Wale-

Letter to my Unborn Child- Tupac

Here a short documentary about the sneaker culture, for these people sneakers are a part of their every day lives. Searching for the newest exclusive stuff is the name of the game.

These were designed by a Nike designer and curator named Mark Smith. Using a a computer and a laser machine which works in the same way as a tattoo gun, they used lasers in a line Burn setting to be able to create these detailed lines and textures. Only 200 pairs where made and each had a tag like the second picture, which indicated pair 10 out of 200. Here link ti more images of the shoes Air Force 1 Smith and also more info on the shoe here sneakernews. The article in sneaker news says  “The art of tattooing separates on individual from another, and consequently each of the 200 pairs of the Nike Air Force 1 Mark Smith laser is unlike one other.” Like a tattoo on an individual which showcases one self and how they represent them selves. Nike has done same by creating these unique shoes, not only producing 200 pairs but each pair being different from the other.  Art is art but for me on a shoes its just something else, an art piece that one can hangs up on a wall can only be seen by those in your place. Yet a sneaker can be seen by many more, it is an art piece one wears.

These are some of the entries of an art competition held by FootLocker, which celebrated the air max 90 success and 20yrs. Here the link to info to the artist which made the images. FootLocker art competition. The air max 90 is also one of my favorite shoes. I had a pair back in the day.. and I’m bout to buy another pair.

Here is my mash-up don’t think its the greatest wanted to mash up Looney tunes and Scarface.. here what I ended up with.

Yosemite Scarface from Kevin Hernandez on Vimeo.

This is a mash up of the expendables trailer with video from several video games, including halo reach, halo 3, gears of war 3, and other.

Eric Haze is a graffiti artist and designer. He collaborated with Nike and produces the shoes you see above. He designed the shoes and the shoe box. Here a link to his website Eric Haze. He produced these Nike Dunk Haze in 2003, using airbrush. Meaning that not only was each pair unique but each shoe itself was different. Only 250 pairs were made, which were raffled on LA and NY.

Here some more of Eric Haze work…..

So I cant embed the video because of “content claim” so here is the link to my


Class Project Ds106 from Kevin Hernandez on Vimeo.